Flexible Features to Customize Your Modular Building

In the fast-moving world of modern business, the need for flexible, efficient, and personalized commercial space has never been more critical. Enter Quick Buildings Modular, where the possibilities of custom modular buildings are as vast as your imagination. We believe modular construction isn’t just fast and affordable, but is capable of creating a uniquely custom space that meets your needs and reflects your style and setting.

That’s why Quick Buildings Modular offers a unique blend of custom features and additional accessories to bring your vision to life in a complete and fully customized modular building. Whether you are imagining a specific interior layout, want sleek and high-end finishes, have strict security requirements, or want a fully furnished space that’s ready for use, our team is dedicated to handling every detail. Explore our custom features and optional add-ons and let us create the perfect modular building space for your business.

Floor Plan and Layout

Whether you arrive with a blueprint in hand or seek our expert design guidance, we can tailor every inch of your modular building to fit your unique requirements. Our team specializes in crafting custom floor plans and interior layouts that maximize efficiency, enhance workflow, and embody your brand identity, ensuring every square foot serves a purpose.

Customize your entire modular building design and structure, including:

  • Size and shape
  • Foundation grade and structure
  • Wall, door, and window placement
  • Interior layout and design

Exterior Materials and Finishes

When it comes to the external appearance of your modular building, the sky’s the limit. Want to match your existing facilities? We can make a seamless fit. Thinking about a whole new look? Let’s build it together. Our custom modular buildings are constructed with the same high-quality materials as traditional construction, with a rich variety of upgrades and finishes to ensure your space stands out for all the right reasons:

  • Structural framing (wood, steel, or concrete)
  • Siding material (vinyl, stucco, brick, wood, faux stone, fiber cement, HardiPlank, aluminum)
  • Exterior paint and trim colors
  • Architectural features

Floors, Windows, and Doors

The foundation of any space lies in its floors, windows, and doors, elements that set the tone for the entire interior experience. Quick Buildings Modular excels in offering an extensive array of custom finishes and materials, allowing for complete creative freedom to achieve your envisioned style:

  • Interior flooring (LVT, VCT, Corlon, carpet, plywood, ceramic tile, vinyl plank)
  • Interior walls (sheetrock, vinyl coated gypsum, drywall)
  • Interior paint color
  • Custom doors and windows of all sizes

Security Features

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of your workspace and assets is paramount, especially for industries with stringent security needs. Quick Buildings Modular is committed to providing top-tier security features and integrated systems tailored to safeguard your operations.

  • Alarm systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • CCTV
  • Ballistic-rated windows and exteriors
  • Equipment enclosures

Integrated Technology

In the age of digital transformation, ensuring your modular building is equipped with the latest technology infrastructure is essential for seamless operations. We specialize in integrating advanced technological solutions that cater to your specific business needs, making your space not just modern but smart.

  • Data CAT 6 wiring
  • HVAC climate control
  • Electric and plumbing
  • Data integration
  • IT rooms


Creating an inclusive environment is a priority for businesses today, ensuring that every individual has equal access to facilities. Quick Buildings Modular is dedicated to designing spaces that meet and exceed accessibility standards, ensuring compliance and convenience for all. Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in our range of ADA-compliant features:

  • Steps, walkways, and ramps
  • Restrooms
  • Doors and entryways

Furniture and Equipment

Creating a workspace that is not only functional but also comfortable and inviting is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction. We offer a comprehensive range of furniture and equipment options to suit every need and budget. From setting up a general office space to outfitting specialty buildings, we ensure your modular building is operation-ready from day one.

  • Desks, chairs, and workstations
  • Tables of all shapes and sizes
  • Kitchen facilities and appliances
  • Essential office equipment

Trusting your modular building project to Quick Buildings Modular means partnering with a team that values innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction above all. Whether you’re aiming to expand your space, streamline your operations, or meet a specific industry need, your vision is our purpose.

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all. Browse our custom collections of modular buildings in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida today and discover the endless possibilities that await. Contact our team of experts at Quick Buildings Modular. Let’s build something great together.