Modular Scale Houses and Guard Houses

Security Built to Scale

Quick Buildings Modular designs and fabricates modular scale houses and guardhouses to meet a range of industry standards and applications, from recycling centers and transfer stations to construction sites and detention facilities.

We offer custom modular solutions that include multi-story buildings, raised mezzanines for enhanced visibility and surveillance, ballistic-rated exteriors, and other specialized features.

Our ability to tailor every aspect of your modular scale house or guardhouse ensures that your specific operational requirements, from security protocols to traffic management, are seamlessly integrated.

Constructed with high-quality materials and designed to meet or exceed building codes, our modular scale houses and guardhouses are built to last. Quick Buildings Modular offers durable construction, custom exterior and interior designs, high-quality materials, and industry-specific features that match your ideal function. Modular buildings also offer the flexibility to be relocated or reconfigured as your needs evolve, providing a long-term solution that can adapt to the changing dynamics of your business.


The Scale and Guard House Collection

Recycling Centers

Weigh Stations

Industrial Plants

Construction Sites

Transfer Stations

Landfill Sites

Detention Centers


  • Ballistic-rated exteriors
  • Wind-resistant designs up to 180+ mph
  • Security camera systems with 360-degree visibility

  • Bullet-resistive glass
  • Custom doors and windows
  • HVAC climate control
  • Interior monitoring systems and CCTV
  • Custom paint colors and exterior wall treatments
  • Industry scales
  • Mezzanines